Black Pink Tourmaline Pendants

Black Pink Tourmaline is semi-precious stone with mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5. This is a rare mixture of both Black and Pink Tourmaline with some pieces showing beautiful translucent Pink Tourmaline. It is known for being powerful in purifying negative energy and a grounding crystal. Combined with Pink Tourmaline, it adds the effect of love, healing, the release of stress/worries and helps us connect to our heart chakra. Most of these Black Pink Tourmaline are polished and have great lustre and shape. The crystals are from northern Pakistan which is famous for some of the best quality Tourmaline in the world.

The shape and size of these are perfect for carrying, meditation and daily use. Carry one with you to keep yourself protected from bad energy and your heart chakra open to love during your journey of transformation. Black Pink Tourmaline matches perfectly with Moldavite as another heart chakra crystal.

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