Prophecy Stone

Prophecy Stones are a very rare and unique stone from the Sahara Desert, Egypt. They are a pseudomorph which means the original material has been replaced by another mineral over a long period of time. The original shape and structure is from Marcasite and Pyrite, however it has morphed into Limonite and Hematite.

Prophecy Stones are a stone of prophecies and spiritual light. They are known as one of the most powerful stones for grounding spiritual light energy into the body, the act of bringing the light through one’s crown chakra down into the body.

The name comes from the man who discovered them, who experienced a prophetic vision when meditating with one. It is thought that some people who work with Prophecy Stones in meditation regularly may receive visions. They are high vibrational stones that may help one investigate diverging paths or probable futures.

They come in a variety of interesting shapes and surface textures from spiky to smooth. There may be small nicks on the surface from the extraction process.

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