Moldavite 1.47g 14x9x7mm


Jewellery details

Crystal: 6-8mm A-grade Herkimer diamond.

Pendant cage: Heart shape crystal cage with a small latch to open and close the pendant. There is a hoop on top of the cage to put your own necklace chain through. Pendant is approx 2.5×2.5×2.0cm in size.


Moldavite details

Weight: 1.47 grams

Dimensions: Approx 14x9x7mm

Item number: Mov-A-013

Locality: Chlum, Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic


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Moldavite is a unique and rare form of Tektite that was created by a meteorite strike around 14.8 million years go. These beautiful tektites are among the most rare minerals on this Earth. They have very high vibrational energy to enhance ones spiritual evolution. They are known as the stone of transformation for their ability to speed up ones inner transformation, growth and evolution.

Most Moldavites have minor common nicks of 1mm to 3mm in size associated with them from 15 million years of erosion, being in the ground and mining. Anything with larger dings or damage is clearly described.

B Grade Moldavite are more affordable stones with nicks. These stones are great entry level pieces to familiarise yourself with the Moldavite energy, to use as travel piece to bring around with you or to mediate with. All Moldavite is beautiful in its raw form and small nicks provide character and even provide a glimpse inside the stone through its glassy surface.

Most Moldavite have nicks and dings as a result of spending millions of years in the ground and the mining process. Nicks and dings do not effect the energy of Moldavite.


Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamonds are a crystal found only in Herkimer, New York. They are small double-terminated quartz crystals and the most spiritually uplifting of the clear quartz crystals. When paired with Moldavite, it has the benefits of heightening the already powerful effects of Moldavite and provides us with clarity to identify and overcome the blocks or growth that Moldavite brings to us. It is one of the best crystal pairings with Moldavite.

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Weight 1.47 g
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 7 mm


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