Moldavite Out of this World Power – Moldavite with Meteorite Muonionalusta pendant 9.02 grams 39x19x12mm (regular grade)


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Moldavite Pendant: Moldavite Out of this World Power – Moldavite with Meteorite Muonionalusta pendant

Metal: Sterling Silver, Ag 92.5%

Weight: 9.02 grams

Dimensions: Approx 39x19x12mm

Locality of Moldavite: Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic

Note: This Moldavite is Regular Grade. Regular Grade Moldavite are more affordable Moldavite stones with more visible chips, broken sides and/or with several small nicks. The chips and nicks do not affect the energy of the Moldavite.

Note: Price in Australian dollars

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Moldavite is a unique and rare form of Tektite that was created by a meteorite strike around 14.8 million years ago. These beautiful tektites are among the most rare minerals on this Earth. They have very high vibrational energy to enhance ones spiritual evolution. They are known as the stone of transformation for their ability to speed up ones inner transformation, growth and evolution.

Most Moldavites have minor common nicks of 1mm to 3mm in size associated with them from 15 million years of erosion, being in the ground and mining. Anything with larger dings or damage is clearly described.


Meteorite Muonionalusta

Meteorite Muonionalusta is an iron-nickel alloy meteorite with stishovite (a rare form of shocked quartz). It is found in Sweden from a meteorite strike around 1 million years ago. Meteorite Muonionalusta is famous for its beautiful crystalline patterns known as Widmanstätten patterns. It pairs well extremely well with Moldavite as it assists with ones evolution and spiritual growth.