About Us – Australia’s Moldavite Specialist

Stones of Transformation operates in Melbourne to bring high quality, genuine and affordable Moldavite to the Australian and global market. We have helped customers all around Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra, Wollongong and many towns). Additionally, we have sold Moldavite around the world to many countries. All our Moldavite is guaranteed to be genuine and is sourced directly from the Czech Republic. 

The business is named after the popular name for Moldavite which is the "Stone of Transformation”, as it is famous for being an accelerator of spiritual evolution. Every owner of Moldavite can talk about how it has helped changed their life. Just search up Moldavite in YouTube and you'll find thousands of videos. Moldavite has led me on an incredible journey to meet the most amazing people who work with the stone and a spiritual journey inwards as well as around the world.

Moldavite can be difficult to buy without the right knowledge. Many years ago when I first searched for Moldavite to buy, I searched through every crystal shop in Melbourne as well as every crystal shop's website in Australia. However the range was limited, the quality was average and the prices were very high.

My passion for Moldavite and the difficulty finding genuine, quality and affordable Moldavite led me to create Stones of Transformation which is an online only shop born and run in Melbourne. We have a 100% guarantee that all the Moldavite is genuine as each piece is individually checked by my partner in the Czech Republic and myself in Melbourne, and everything is purchased from the source in the Czech Republic. We have experience handling tens of thousands of Moldavites so we are easily able to identify what is real Moldavite (see our "Guide to Genuine and Fake Moldavite" at  www.stonesoftransformation.com.au/blog/fake-moldavite-guide and "The Best Guide on Spotting and Avoiding Fake Moldavite" at www.stonesoftransformation.com.au/blog/the-best-guide-on-spotting-and-avoiding-fake-moldavite/)

You will receive a high quality shopping experience, have access to a large range of genuine Moldavite and at an affordable price. I hope that you love your next Moldavite as it is truly a blessing to have.

With blessings