Kunzite is a form of Spodumen with a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale. This gorgeous crystal naturally forms in a variety of colours including pink, purple, blue, yellow, clear and green (which is also known as “Hiddenite”). The main deposits of Kunzite are in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil, Madagascar and the USA. The Kunzite we source are from Aghanistan and are A+ grade for colour and clarity.

Kunzite works to activate and awaken the heart and encourages it to communicate more intimately with the mind. It promotes love, happiness, joy and positive energy through ones life. Kunzite encourages ones to breathe freely and expand beyond the negativity that can bog a person down. It may help to release the blocks that have built up around ones heart from the knocks and bruises of life. It is a great crystal for helping one to see the beauty in life, to appreciate the blessings and gifts one has and to help one to receive abundance on every level.

Kunzite pairs perfectly with Moldavite as they are both heart chakra stones and Kunzite can help to make the wearer more receptive to Moldavite’s energy.

It is often said that Kunzite is one of the best crystals to give as a gift as it is a giving the vibration of divine love. People who receive Kunzite often find themselves having their heart opened and feeling more kindness and love to themselves and those around them.

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