Libyan Desert Glass Necklaces

Libyan Desert Glass radiates the energy of the sun with its stunning yellow and gold colour. Libyan Desert Glass (also called Libyan Gold Tektite) was created by a meteorite strike approximately 29 million years ago. It is only found in the Libyan desert in Libya and Sahara desert in Egypt.

It is a stone of confidence and potential. Libyan Desert Glass connects with all our chakras especially the solar plexus (3rd) and creative (2nd) chakra. Its energy helps to enhance the strength of a person’s will, ability to create and power to manifest. This can help someone who feels that they can be more than who they are now to seek their full potential. It can also help with confidence in social situations and networking, and setting clear personal boundaries. The warm energy of Libyan Desert Glass reminds us to not take life too seriously and to progress through life with curiousity and playfulness.

Similar to other tektites like Moldavite and Darwinite, Libyan Desert Glass has a high energy although is much more gentle like warm sun rays than Moldavite’s powerful energy. It is a perfect combination with Moldavite to assist with the achievement of transformation and manifestation towards one’s highest calling.

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Showing 1–12 of 28 results