Busting some Claims and Myths of Moldavite

There are some pretty outlandish claims and opinions on the internet concerning Moldavite.

Do you know any claims which are not on the list? If any are missed below or want to know if a claim is true or false, send it to customerservice@stonesoftransformation.com.au and I will get back to you.

Claim 1: Besednice is the most powerful type of Moldavite

Some people claim that Besednice Moldavite is the most powerful of all Moldavite and you have to get a piece. Besednice is a location where some of the most beautiful Moldavite have been found due to their hedgehog sculpting containing long spikes and intricate patterns.

It has been mined out since 2008 and its price has increased dramatically due to its rareness and beauty. However, Moldavite from Besednice is not any more powerful than Moldavite from any other locality.

Claim 2: Angel chime Moldavite is the most powerful type of Moldavite and calls on the power of angels

Angel chime has a high internal tension caused by a quick solidification from its molten form to a hard glass. This higher internal tension means that when it is tapped or rubbed against another Moldavite it creates a nice ringing sound. Due to the higher internal tension of angel chime Moldavite and they are usually thin, they can be more fragile and prone to breaking if you drop them.

Angel chime are rare and found in only 1% of Moldavite. However, Angel chimes are not any more powerful than any other Moldavite and do not call on the power of angels.

Read more about angel chime Moldavite here www.stonesoftransformation.com.au/blog/angel-chimes/

Claim 3: Museum quality/grade Moldavite is the best and good enough to be in a museum

Museum grade is thrown around with Moldavite in a very loose fashion. It can refer to a range of qualities from being in perfect condition, great surface sculpting and/or shape. The word museum grade implies that it would be good enough to be seen in a museum and the majority of Moldavite that has been called museum grade is usually in excellent condition without damage. However, over 95% of pieces that are called museum grade are most frequently used to describe a piece in perfect condition (or with minimal damage). Most museum grade moldavite is often the same as A-Grade Moldavite.

For a piece to be museum grade it needs to be more than just in perfect condition. Museum grade needs to be have three or more of these six factors:

  1. A larger size/weight
  2. Minimal to no damage
  3. Beautiful sculpting
  4. A primary shape (drop, disk, ellipsoid, sphere and dumbbell)
  5. A rare locality
  6. Rare features

Claim 4: Museum quality/grade Moldavite is more powerful than regular/B grade Moldavite

People sometimes claim museum grade as being more powerful energetically. It has been claimed on forums and YouTube videos that their museum quality Moldavite has a more powerful, more refined energy or more transformational energy.

This is mostly from people talking in excitement to show off their museum grade piece (which often is not a real museum grade piece – see claim 3 above). Often their claims are it is better than other pieces of Moldavite that people may own. Moldavite can have different energy but museum quality/grade Moldavite does not have superior energy to any other grade of Moldavite.

Claim 5: This Moldavite for sale is SUPERCHARGED, ENHANCED and ACTIVATED

There are many creative adjectives used to describe Moldavite by some sellers. There have been claims of Moldavite been:

  1. SUPERCHARGED using a crystal grid
  2. ENHANCED using the seller’s ‘only one in the world’ supernatural powers
  3. ACTIVATED in a sacred temple using chanting from mantras and monks

These claims sometimes state that their Moldavite is 2 to 10 times more powerful and which also costs 2 to 5 times the price for a piece of normal Moldavite.

Be weary of sellers who make outlandish claims about the power or energy of Moldavite when selling it to you. All Moldavite is already charged, enhanced and activated as it all has the same energy.

Claim 6: You are going to see aliens or inter-dimensional beings if you use Moldavite

The claim of aliens and inter-dimensional beings comes from Moldavite’s extraterrestrial origins. Very rarely is there a story shared as someone’s personal account. More often it is a story of something they have read on someone’s experience or read from a website that it might be possible which is then passed on as fact.

There are millions of pieces of Moldavites with millions of owners and only a small handful of stories with no reliable evidence or trends. So you should not be worried about any aliens or inter-dimensional beings visiting you.

People sometimes report that Moldavite creates more vivid dreams which can involve a wide range of topics from past issues to other beings/humans in your dreams. Moldavite is a stone of high vibration so it will only work in your best interest.

Claim 7: You are going to experience a Moldavite flush when you hold Moldavite. If not, something is wrong with you

Everyone is different and has experiences unique to them. The Moldavite flush term become popular because of the strong reactions that some people had to Moldavite which could involve an overpowering energy making them feel hot, shaky, spaced out or queasy.

Some people worry that the Moldavite energy is having no effect on them when they don’t react in the same way as others. Don’t compare your reactions to other people or the degree to which you can feel the Moldavite energy. There is nothing wrong with you. For more information on feeling energy, see www.stonesoftransformation.com.au/simple-steps-to-feel-the-energy-of-moldavite/

Claim 8: Moldavite is the gemstone from the crown of Lucifer after he was struck down by Archangel Michael

The claim that Moldavite is from the crown of Lucifer is a fun backstory. Moldavite is a tektite which forms when a meteorite hits the Earth and forms natural impact glass. Tektites are found around the world from Australia to Russia and have been studied scientifically for decades. The green colour in Moldavite is more noticeable because of its higher translucency compared to other tektites.

So unless Lucifer had a meteorite several hundred meters in diameter on his crown which then fell to Earth, it probably wasn’t him. If it was Lucifer, he probably got struck down because he had a several hundred meter diameter meteorite stuck to his head and couldn’t see or move to defend himself.

Claim 9: Moldavite is from xxx legend and xxx myth

Humans are great at searching for and making connections between stories and events. People have made connections between Moldavite and every green stone and crystal mentioned in every story, legend, myth and book in existence. It is nice to connect to other stories but there is often nothing behind it than claims of what people have theorized. These myths of Moldavite are often picked up and spread through forums which unfortunately leads to people quoting them more and believing them. Moldavite is not the only green stone, tektite or crystal that exists but the fictional stories that accompany it are fun.

Claim 10: Investing in Moldavite is going to make you money as the price keeps rising

Moldavite prices have been rising and it usually jumps up every several years when there are factors stressing the market such as increased demand and decreasing supplies. However, the average weight of Moldavite found is around 4 grams and there are estimated to be millions of pieces that would be between 1 to 9 grams in size. The money that you make from these pieces is quite limited as it might increase by a one or two dollars per gram every few years. If you were to sell them on eBay which takes a 10% fee and a 3-4% PayPal fee, selling your Moldavite in 4-5 years might not make you any money.

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Picture of Besednice Moldavite

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