Petroleum Quartz

Petroleum Quartz (also known as Golden Enhydros) are a rare diamond quartz with tiny drops of high energy petroleum inside. Many of them are naturally double terminated.

Petroleum Quartz formed from the golden rays of the sun that were collected by ancient forests and buried deep underground. Mother Nature slowly transformed that decayed matter back into golden energy. Some of the Petroleum Quartz contain black and brown inclusions which are asphaltite that if heated would release petroleum. The amount of petroleum varies in each small quartz and is usually under 1mm in size. The tiny drop(s) of petroleum show up much more clearly under a black light as petroleum is fluorescent.

The properties and energy of Petroleum Quartz is the same as Diamond Quartz or Herkimer Diamonds but with a higher energy. They can work to enhance the energy of Moldavite and other crystals. The size of Petroleum Quartz is perfect to use in any crystal grids, body layouts, dream work, meditation, energy tools or jewellery.

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Showing 1–12 of 17 results