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South Bohemia – The Home to 99% of Moldavite

About South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Have you ever wondered when all your Moldavite comes from? It is most likely from the South Bohemia region of Czech republic which is where more than 99% of all Moldavite has been found including all of the most famous localities. For example, the town of Besednice is in South Bohemia where the famous Besednice Moldavite was mined.

South Bohemia has a total area 10,056 km² which is only 12.8% of the total area of the Czech Republic. That means most of the Moldavite is found in an area which is under 13% of the Czech Republic!

The area of South Bohemia is marked in red which is only 12.8% of Czech Republic

The population within South Bohemia’s is 642,133 and with only 64 people per 1 km² as of 2019. This means the region has the lowest population density in the whole country. There are 52 towns within South Bohemia with 64.2% of region’s population living in towns or cities. The architecture within some towns in South Bohemia is also famous and incredibly beautiful.

Picture of Český Krumlov – a beautiful town in South Bohemia

The South Bohemia region is located in the drainage basin of Vltava river which is the longest river in the Czech Republic. Moldavite is called “Vltavín” in the Czech language which is named after the Vltava river. If you visit the Czech Republic, it would be good to learn the local name of Vltavín.

South Bohemia is famous for its countless ponds with more than seven thousand ponds across the region and beautiful forests. The landscape is quite magical.

Key Moldavite areas and localities

The map shows the location of the Ries impact creator and the key areas that Moldavite has been found in. This includes South Bohemia area (Czech Republic), Moravian area (Czech Republic), Lusatian area (Germany) and Austrian area (Austria). A very small amount of Moldavite has been found in Poland too. This map gives you an idea of where the South Bohemia area is.

Central Europe map showing Moldavite strewn fields. Source: Trnka, M. and S. Houzar (2002). “Moldavites: a review.” Bulletin of Geosciences 77(4): 283-302.

Key locations of Moldavite in the Czech republic

The South Bohemian region is comprised of many Moldavite localities. You might recognise some of the names below.

Within South Bohemia, there are numerous fields where Moldavite is found including Brusná, Dolní Chrášťany, Jankov, Kvítkovice, Habří, Lipí, Slavče (near České Budějovice), Vrábče (the locality of Nová Hospoda), Bukovec, Krasejovka, Besednice, Slavče (near Trhové Sviny), Záluží, Žitná, Třebanice, Lhenice, Koroseky, Vrábče, Záhorčice, Holkov, Ločenice, Chlum nad Malší, Nesměň, Dobrkovská Lhotka and Zatáčka (near the village of Dobrkovská Lhotka). There are many other fields named after the local town or area that the Moldavite was found in.

Do you recognise some of the names of the Moldavite localities? Try to find the famous location of Besednice on the map below!

Southern Bohemia map showing key moldavite localities
Trnka, M. and S. Houzar (2002). “Moldavites: a review.” Bulletin of Geosciences 77(4): 283-302.

How could anyone resist such a beautiful place?

Town of Písek in South Bohemia

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