Saffordites are a powerful and rare stone found in Safford in Arizona, United States. They have the outward appearance of a tektite, however they are a rare obsidian that was formed by a volcanic eruption which threw molten magma into the sky and then solidified into volcanic glass as it fell. The shape is usually round or oval as they have been tumbled and shaped on the surface by the weather over millions of years.

The colour of Saffordites is brownish in natural light. However, Saffordites can be translucent (banded or translucent) or opaque with no light going through. The translucent Saffordites have a beautiful grey or lavender glow when held up to the sun or with a light behind. The average size of Saffordites is only a few grams in size and the larger sizes become much rarer.

Saffordites are a stone of inner connection and intuition. They help to strengthen the connection and trust to one’s intuition to progress smoothly along the journey of transformation that tektites facilitate. It may also help one to connect with their higher purpose and higher self. As an obsidian, Saffordites also have a grounding energy that is more balanced than the high energy tektites. They can be suitable to use as a palm stone, for meditation, in crystal grids and as a desk stone.

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