Besednice Moldavite

Besednice Moldavite are a very rare variety of Moldavite famous for their spiky appearance. They are often nicknamed hedgehogs for their spikes and are one of the rarest and most sought after Moldavite for collectors. Besednice Moldavite is named after a small village in South Behemia, Czech Republic named Besednice where they were found.

The Besednice field was mined out and by 2008 these pieces existed only in private collections. Some Besednice have natural holes which are an uncommon feature in Moldavite.

Angel Chime is rare feature found in only 1% of Moldavite. It is when a Moldavite makes a chiming sound when tapped or lightly dropped on another Moldavite or small crystal. It is important to be very gentle and careful when doing this as Moldavite can be damaged. The chiming sound can vary from a short high to low pitch ringing sound.

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