Besednice Moldavite – Angel Chime 0.98 grams 35x12x2mm – A Grade

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Weight: 0.98 grams

Dimensions: Approx 35x12x2mm

Locality: Besednice, Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic

Certificate of Authenticity: This Moldavite product comes with our shop’s Certificate of Authenticity which is backed by our money back guarantee that the Moldavite is genuine. We source Moldavite from our trusted contacts in the Czech Republic.

Note: Every Besednice will come with a black or white floating display case with stand. The colour is chosen at random.

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Moldavite is a unique and rare form of Tektite that was created by a meteorite strike around 14.8 million years ago. These beautiful tektites are among the most rare minerals on this Earth. They have very high vibrational energy to enhance ones spiritual evolution. They are known as the stone of transformation for their ability to speed up ones inner transformation, growth and evolution.

Most Moldavites have minor common nicks of 1mm to 3mm in size associated with them from 15 million years of erosion, being in the ground and mining. Anything with larger dings or damage is clearly described.

Besednice Moldavite are a very rare locality of Moldavite famous for their spiky appearance. They are often nicknamed hedgehogs for their spikes and are one of the rarest and most sought after Moldavite for collections. The Besednice field was mined out a long time ago in the Czech Republic and only exist in old private collections. This small amount of Besednice were handpicked from an old collection for their more prominent spikes or for their rare angel chime feature. Some Besednice have natural holes which are an uncommon feature in Moldavite.

There are a few different grades of Besednice Moldavite:

  • Collection quality Besednice Moldavite are more spiky stones or primary shapes (e.g. drop, disk, oval) and in perfect or near perfect condition
  • A Grade Besednice Moldavite may be less slightly less spikey and in perfect or near perfect condition
  • Regular (B) grade Besednice Moldavite are slightly less spiky than the other Besednice and have small nicks or chips on the stone

When working with Moldavite, you can use the affirmation: I am open to transformation at every level of my life. I fully embrace the manifestation of my highest purpose and destiny.


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