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Simple Steps to Feel the Energy of Moldavite

Moldavite is known as one of the highest energy stones which includes crystals, minerals and tektites. It is one of the easiest stones to feel the energy of.

When feeling the energy here are a few simple tips

Step 1: Be patient with yourself as everyone has a different level of sensitivity. Take your time with the process.

Step 2: Remove all your expectations of what you should feel or compare yourself to what other people have experienced.

Step 3: Use your non-dominant hand, this is your receiving hand which is more sensitive when feeling energy. In contrast, your dominant hand is your giving hand. You can experiment between your two hands.

Step 4: Be in the present moment and have a clear mind. Don’t be thinking of other things that happened in the day or things you need to do, bring all of your attention back to the present moment and your body.

Step 5: Place the Moldavite in your receiving hand and notice any physical sensations or emotional feelings which come to you. Everyone has different level of sensitivity but it can be developed through meditation and a good diet helps.

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