Moldavite Regular B Grade: 1 to 10 grams

Regular B Grade Moldavite are more affordable stones with clearly visible nicks and dings. These may range from larger chips or broken sides from mining. These often give the appearance of shiny glassy spots on the Moldavite. These stones are great entry level pieces to familiarise yourself with the Moldavite energy. B Grade Moldavite is also fantatic to use as travel piece you carry or to meditate with. All Moldavite is beautiful in its raw form and small nicks provide character and even provide a glimpse inside the stone through its glassy surface.

Most Moldavite have nicks and dings as a result of spending millions of years in the ground and the mining process. Nicks and dings do not effect the energy of Moldavite.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

At Stones of Transformation, we specialise in Moldavite and crystals within our online store in Melbourne. Moldavite is one of the most powerful and famous stones which is known for its high vibration that facilitates spiritual and personal transformation. We only stock genuine Moldavite products and procure it directly from our trusted partners at the source in the Czech Republic. We have the one of the largest varieties of Moldavite products including natural stones, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, carvings, and new special products. We offer a money back guarantee with all of Moldavite products so you have confidence you are buying only genuine products.