Agni Manitite (Pseudo Tektite)

Agni Manitite means ‘Pearl of the Divine Fire’ and is a rare stone found on a remote island off Java in the Indonesian archipelago. The appearance is similar to tektites so are known as a pseudo tektite, however they are actually a rare obsidian that was formed by a powerful volcanic eruption which threw molten magma into the sky and then solidified into volcanic glass as it fell.

The colour of Agni Manitite is a blackish stone, however it has a beautiful grey to brown glow when a light is placed behind it. Not all Agni Manitite are translucent with some stones only allowing in light around the thinner edges or not at all. The translucent Agni Manitite are rarer than the opaque stones and therefore priced higher. The outward appearance of Agni Manitite may vary as they are found on land and may have been naturally tumbled in water on the island.

Agni Manitite a stone of initiation, creative power and will. It can help to turn what possible into something actual and provide a push into the inner changes that need to occur. Additionally, it helps awaken one’s ability to create their vision, know what they want and concentrate in action to achieve that.  Agni Manitite is also an obsidian that helps to protect against negative energy and the mind from negative thoughts and habits.

The fiery birth of Agni Manitite means that it synergizes well with all other tektites including Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass and Darwinite.

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Showing 1–12 of 43 results