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Identifying Fake Moldavite

There are several ways to scientifically identify real and fake Moldavite. Unfortunately, many of these approaches require advanced scientific instruments.

Luckily, there is an easy way to identify real Moldavite which you can find below.

We firmly believe in fighting against fake Moldavite!

Method 1 – UV radiation

Natural Moldavite is inert with both short and long wave UV radiation. While fake Moldavite shows weak whitish florescence in short wave radiation.

Both real and fake Moldavite are inert with long wave UV radition.

Method 2 – Refractive index

The Refractive index is an reliable test but is difficult to use on natural/raw Moldavite as the surface is uneven.

The refractive index on real natural Moldavite is 1.490 (1.480 to 1.510) compared to fake Moldavite of 1.520

Method 3 – Raman spectrometry

Raman spectrometry results show that real Moldavite has a peak of around 460 cm-1 compared to fake Moldavite which has two peaks of around 560 cm-1 and 1100 cm-1.

Method 4 – Lechatelierite

Lechatelierite can be visible to the naked eye in faceted or polished Moldavite. It is rarely seen with natural Moldavite due to the sculpting but lechatelierite can sometimes rise from the surface as a tiny crystal point. You will need a tool with extreme magnification such as a microscope.

An important feature of lechatelierite in real Moldavite is that it always copies the fluvial flow of Moldavite and flows in one direction. While the fluvial flow in fake Moldavite may swirl or flow in multiple directions, or there may not be any fluvial flow evidence such as in bottle glass.

Method 5 – Experience and seeking experts with experience

Experts who have dealt with thousands of Moldavites from dozens of different localities have the experience and knowledge to identify what is genuine Moldavite.
1. Join a Moldavite Facebook Group and post your pictures for feedback from its members. You will need to take pictures from several angles of your Moldavite in natural light and with a back light shining through.
2. Get educated yourself and learn what real Moldavite looks like. Find several online shops that sell real Moldavite to get an understanding on what it should like. Do not use market places like eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress to get educated as these have fake Moldavite.
3. Be familiar with what fake Moldavite looks like, there are over 100 pictures of fake Moldavite here

What is the best way?

The accessible way to tell if a Moldavite is genuine is method 5: to build up your own knowledge and to seek the experience of an expert in Moldavite.

While the most effective and easiest way to identify real facated Moldavite is lechatelierite (method 4)

Ineffective methods

Ineffective method 1 – Polariscope to measure inner tension

A polariscope can be used to detect inner tension caused by the contraction of cooling glass. Primary shape Moldavite (e.g. teardrops, disks, dumbbells) have a high inner tension which can be seen using a polariscope. However, the same shape fake Moldavite will show the same internal tension.

Natural Moldavite fragments often do not have inner tension that is picked up with a polariscope and the same applies to fake Moldavite fragments.

Ineffective method 2 – Feeling the energy

Believing that the energy of Moldavite can be felt is not a reliable method due to a placebo effect where our brain believes and creates an experience where we can feel some energy. The placebo effect has been evidenced many times with fake Moldavite when people are showing their fakes online or in shops proclaiming they can feel the buzzing energy from the fake Moldavite.

Sometimes what we are feeling is simply an increased awareness of our body. If you put your attention on your nose, your left hand, or your right foot you may start feeling a sensation like a tingling or pulsing there. This feeling was always there but we have just put our attention and presence on it. For example, if I hold a fake Moldavite in my left hand I might feeling a buzzing in my hand, although this may be due to my whole focus and attention put on feeling my left hand.

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