Colombianite Tektites

Colombianite is a sacred Stone of the Colombian Indians from the Muisca tribes in South America. The natives call it “Piedra De Rayo” which means “Lightning Stones”. These rare and beautiful brown translucent stones are around 30 million years old.

It is a stone of spiritual fire and higher energy. Colombianite connects the root with the crown and soul star chakras to help ground cosmic knowledge and downloads, so that one can integrate them into their daily life.

Colombianite may be a Pseudo-Tektite (Obsidian resembling Tektite) however there is still a debate on if it is an Obsidian or Tektite. A 2017 NASA article proposes that Colombianite is a Tektite as their composition does not match locally formed obsidian. Furthermore, their internal structure and texture links it to the nearby Cali impact crater (

Colombianite pairs well with tektites such as Moldavite or obsidians such as Saffordites. The shape and size of these are perfect for carrying, meditation and daily use.

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