The Different Appearances of Moldavite

Conditions that change the appearance of Moldavite

There are many variations in the size of fields or localities in the Czech Republic where Moldavite has been found. Many of these fields were deemed too small for commercial mining but have provided Moldavite with a less common appearance.

People are most used to the appearance of the most famous or largest localities of Moldavite such as Besednice, Zatačka and Chlum. However, Besednice and Zatačka are mined out and the majority of Moldavite has been mined from Chlum.

Sometimes Moldavite can be misinterpreted as a fake if it is from a field or locality which has a different appearance from what they are used to.

The appearance of Moldavite can very greatly between each of the localities due to a number of factors including:
1. Surrounding sediments (e.g. clay, sand, gravel)
2. The alkaline or acidic conditions of the sediments
3. The amount of ground water in that area
4. The depth the Moldavite was found
5. The different proportions of minerals and metals that Moldavite has been combined with when forming
6. The degree of erosion/abrasion of Moldavite

This means that Moldavite between different localities will have:
1. Different shades of green
2. Different surface sculpting
3. Different surface gloss/shine/matte
4. Different inclusions
5. Different transparency

25 different localities of Moldavite

The image of Moldavite below is a small sample and representation of 25 different Moldavite fields in the Czech Republic.

Can you notice the difference in each one? Look at the different colours, sculpting and surface gloss.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Which appearance of Moldavite is most familiar to you?
  2. Which appearance of Moldavite is most unusual to you?
  3. Would you have mistaken any of these Moldavites for another crytsal/stone or a fake Moldavite?
  4. Which appearance of Moldavite do you connect with most?

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