Dendritic Tiger Agate Pendants

Dendritic Tiger Agate receives its name from the Greek work meaning tree like. This is displayed by the leaf or fern like imprints that are contained with these stones. The colour patterns of these stones are white, light pink, grey, black, and translucent. Dendritic Tiger Agate originates from the beautiful islands in Indonesia.

It is a stone of growth and wisdom through one’s inner work. Dendritic Tiger Agate connects with all our chakras in equal measure. Its energy helps to allow for its wearer to have a self-imposed ‘reality check’ wherein they use their inner power to see themselves in the true light. It can assist in keeping you in touch with the physical world so that one does not become lost living simply through thought and mental processes.

Dendritic Tiger Agate pairs well with tektites like Moldavite when addressing one’s inner self which is imperative for transformation.

When working with Dendritic Tiger Agate you can use the affirmation: I am faithful to my personal inner work that will provide honesty, growth, and balance in everything I do.

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Showing all 10 results