A list of the useful guides and blog posts

The Guide to Genuine and Fake Moldavite

An informative guide to describe the characteristics of real and fake Moldavite including prices, terminology and hundreds of sample pictures


The Best Guide on Spotting and Avoiding Fake Moldavite

A guide all about how to avoid fake Moldavite including the characteristics, signs and over 150 pictures


The Guide to the Shapes of Moldavite

An informative guide with visual illustrations of how the different shapes of Moldavite form


What is Moldavite? How it was formed and about the shapes

Interesting information about the formation and types of shapes of Moldavite


Busting claims and myths of Moldavite

A close look at 10 common claims and myths of Moldavite


Guide to the Terminology of Moldavite

Learn all the different words when it comes to describing and talking about Moldavite


South Bohemia – the home to 99% of Moldavite

An informative and fun look at the home for most Moldavite found


Where is Moldavite found?

A description of the four countries and localities of Moldavite


Colour of Moldavite

A description of the factors that determine the colour of Moldavite


The different appearances of Moldavite

The different appearances and the conditions that change the appearance of Moldavite


Moldavite snowflakes – naturally white Moldavite

All about the beautiful and rare naturally white Moldavite (Moldavite snowflakes)


Moldavite Angel Chimes – the singing Moldavite

Information on the rare angel chime Moldavite


Abrasion damage on Moldavite

Learn how to protect your Moldavite from everyday abrasion damage


Simple steps to feel the energy of Moldavite

A simple five step process to learn how to feel the energy of Moldavite


How is fake Moldavite created? Learn the signs to avoid

Learn about the techniques sneaky operators use to create fake Moldavite so you can avoid them


Identifying fake Moldavite

Scientific and proven ways to identify fake and real Moldavite


The history and future of fake Moldavite

An interesting look at when Moldavite grew in popularity and how fakes started entering the market