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Where is Moldavite found?

Contrary to popular belief, Moldavite is found in four countries. The impact resulting in the Ries crater flung Moldavite several hundreds of kilometers through the air between 200 to 485km.

Moldavite has been found in these countries:

  1. The South Bohemia and West Bohemia region in the Czech Republic,
  2. The Lusatian region in Germany
  3. In northern Austria
  4. As far as southwestern Poland

However the main deposits of Moldavite exist in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic where more than 99% of the Moldavite is found!

Picture Source: Materials (1996-1944), Apr2014, Vol. 7 Issue 4, p3319-3336, 18p

Within South Bohemia, Czech Republic, there are numerous fields where Moldavite is found including Brusná, Dolní Chrášťany, Jankov, Kvítkovice, Habří, Lipí, Slavče (near České Budějovice), Vrábče (the locality of Nová Hospoda), Bukovec, Krasejovka, Besednice, Slavče (near Trhové Sviny), Záluží, Žitná, Třebanice, Lhenice, Koroseky, Vrábče, Záhorčice, Holkov, Ločenice, Chlum nad Malší, Nesměň, Dobrkovská Lhotka and Zatáčka (near the village of Dobrkovská Lhotka). There are many other fields named after the local town or area that the Moldavite was found in.

Many of these fields were mined out decades ago and have been restored to their pre mining appearance. Moldavite usually occur in gravels and soils, and are known in clay only from three localities (České Budějovice, Besednice and Třebon). The sand, soil and clay are easily removable by washing in water.

Examples of Moldavite from each country

Czech Republic

Moldavite from South Bohemia, Czech Republic


In Lusatia within Germany, Moldavite has been found since 1967 with several hundred pieces discovered.


In the Horn area within Austria, smaller amounts of Moldavite have been since early 1900 with under one hundred pieces discovered.

Vltavín - Rakousko


In the southwestern area of Poland, small amounts of Moldavite have been found in the Nowa Wieś Kącka sandpit near Wrocław. Additionally, newer localities in Poland in the Gozdnica sandpit (400km from Ries Impact Crater and 7km from Germany) and the Mielęcin site (2.5 km east from the North Stanisław sandpit where the first Polish Moldavites were found). Photo of Polish Moldavite from article ‘A new discovery of parautochthonous moldavites in southwestern Poland, Central Europe’:

Is one location better than others?

There is no country which has better Moldavite and there were no country borders when Moldavite landed 15 millions years ago. Some of the Moldavite found outside Czech Republic is sold at a higher cost because it is less common, although that does not make the Moldavite better quality or more unique in its appearance.

The most beautiful and expensive Moldavite is found within the Czech Republic. This is simply due to the fact that the majority of Moldavite has been located there and there is a higher possibility for more variation and uniqueness.

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