Darwinite Tektites (Darwin Glass)

Darwin Glass or Darwinite is an Australian natural impact glass created by a meteorite strike around 816,000 years ago. The meteorite hit the Tasmania, Australia, with 20 megatons of energy (that’s 20 million tons of TNT) forming the Darwin Crater and Darwin Glass as a result.

Darwinite is a stone of evolution through love. It helps to disolve the fear based protection that one sets up around their heart and to open our hearts to the world. It is known for being a more grounding tektite than Moldavite allowing one to connect with Earth/Gaia’s energy while enjoying the high transformational energy of a tektite.

These beautiful and rare tektites have a similar energy as Moldavite although are more gentle and grounding. Darwinite is known for being a stone that quickens growth, transformation, spiritual evolution, and encouraging a heartful open engagement with the world and all beings.

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