Tektite Pendants

The word ‘tektite’ is from the Greek word tēktos which means ‘molten’. They are formed when a meteorite hits the Earth and the high energy impact from the meteorite vaporises the Earth. The high temperature explosion throws up molten material into the sky and then rapidly cools as it falls to the ground. The explosive birth and cooling of tektites gives them a high frequency that is a strong transformational energy that raises one’s vibrational level when used.

Tektites are a stone of expansion and transformation. Tektites have a strong transformational energy that encourages one to expand their awareness and consciousness. These tektites are Indonesia. They are part of the Australasian meteor impact around 800,000 years ago.

All tektite varieties harmonise with each other and can magnify their effects of each other. Tektites can quicken and amplify the awakening from Moldavite, strengthen the manifesting powers of Libyan Desert Glass tektite, and speed up opening of the heart and connection to nature of Darwinite.

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Showing 1–12 of 66 results