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Colours of Moldavite

The colour of Moldavite ranges from pale green to brown. The shade of green to brown can be visible on thin parts of the Moldavite or by holding it up so natural light shines through.

Colour Spectrum of Moldavite

What minerals/metals influence the colour of Moldavite?

Moldavite is a fusion of extraterrestrial material and Earth’s minerals, metals and chemicals. The colour of Moldavite has been influenced by what it has fused with and there are 3 main minerals/metals which impact the colour.

Iron Oxide (Fe 2 and Fe 3) -higher iron oxide changes the colour from light green all the way to brown
Manganese (Mn 2)-higher manganese changes the colour from light green all the way to brown
Higher nickle (Ni) and Potassium oxide (K2O)-lead to the creation of the popular poisonous green Moldavite

Other main factors:

Thickness of Moldavite: Thicker Moldavite usually looks darker and is sometimes black in colour when it is too opaque for light to shine through. Thinner Moldavite is usually lighter in colour.
Inclusions inside Moldavite: Moldavite can sometimes have other minerals in them which do not allow light to shine through and influence the colour
Surface inclusions: Moldavite may have an external coating of clay or minerals which change the colour. The most famous and beautiful of these are Moldavite from Brusna nicknamed snowflakes for their white frosted appearance
Lighting: The lighting can affect the colour of Moldavite. If there is more light shining through the Moldavite it will appear a lighter shade of green. For thin pieces of Moldavite if there is a finger/hand blocking the light from behind when the picture is being taken it can change the appearance. Most professional sellers will keep a consistent level of lighting from the front and offer a back light picture so you can easily see the differences in colour.

Examples of Moldavite colours

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