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Welcome to Stones of Transformation – the Moldavite specialist!

I was introduced to the world of crystals a number of years ago when a friend was talking about a stone that caught his eye and he felt compelled to buy it. That was Moldavite, a rare tektite which is a natural glass formed by a meteor impact . It introduced me into a world of energy, frequency and transformation which can be facilitated by crystals and stones. 

Moldavite has brought me on a long journey to new people, crystals, experiences and opportunities. My first Moldavite was purchased in Melbourne were I live from a local crystal shop 7 minutes drive from my house. They had about a dozen to choose from ranging from small 1 gram pieces to larger 15 gram pieces. I bought two that I loved, one for me and one for my partner, and we spent the Sunday following a YouTube tutorial to wire wrap them into pendants ourselves. 

A picture of our first Moldavite pieces which were wire wrapped

I enjoyed researching and delving deeper into the world of crystals and stones which I discovered is almost limitless pathway of different crystals, shapes, qualities, locations and meanings. I bought different types of crystals and had a good collection which I was quite proud of. This changed one evening when I found that my home was broken into and almost my whole crystal collection had been stolen which was worth several thousand dollars at the time. I was devastated from the loss and learnt from the police that it was unlikely to be recovered. Most of my surviving collection was Moldavite which was kept separately with some other small crystals. After a few days, I understood that this as a sign that I needed to focus my attention on the few crystals that mattered, these included Moldavite and a few grounding crystals to keep me balanced.

From that point, my journey with Moldavite has rocketed to meet amazing dealers, collect amazing Moldavite pieces and a decision to help others get the most powerful stone (or tektite) in the world, the stone of transformation!

This website is dedicated to help those in Australia and around the world to purchase Moldavite with accessing a better range and price of Moldavite. Additionally, to learn more about this wonderful creation which has both Earthly and extra-terrestrial energy. Enjoy your Moldavite journey!

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