Amazonite Pendant – Harmony and Communication 5.72 grams 36x10x9mm

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Pendant: Amazonite Pendant – Harmony and Communication

Locality of crystal: Skardu, Pakistan

Note: The sterling silver cap may have a tiny mark/tint from the creation process.

Complimentary Chain: All pendants come with a complimentary 45cm or 60cm chain. Please note what length you would like at checkout.

Note: Price in Australian dollars

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Amazonite is a feldspar mineral with a mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5. Its name comes from the Amazon river in Brazil, however it is found all around the world. These Amazonite are high quality polished crystals from Pakistan with a nice turquoise colour.

It is a stone of harmony and communication. Amazonite helps with communicating one’s feelings and thoughts to maintain inner and outer harmony. It is especially helpful with assisting those who suppress their thoughts and feelings for a fear of creating conflict. Additionally, it helps those who have fallen out of touch with their truth by assisting one to gain clarity into what they want and how they feel.

Amazonite pairs well with tektites such as Moldavite for deepening one’s insights into the truth necessary for transformation, and communicating that truth to others.

When working with Amazonite, you can use the affirmation: I speak, live and trust my highest truth, and I take steps to create it my life everyday.


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