Brucite Pendant – Self-Confidence and Will Power – 4.86 grams 31x29x7mm

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Crystal: Brucite – Self-Confidence and Will Power

Locality: Pakistan

Complimentary Chain: All pendants come with a complimentary 45cm or 60cm chain. Please note what length you would like at checkout.

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Brucite is a unique and rare stone and named after mineralogist Archibald Bruce who discovered the crystal in 1984. Its bright yellow colour reminds us of the sun and it resonates with the solar plexus chakra. These Brucite are high quality crystals from Pakistan.

Brucite is a stone of self-confidence, will power and self-esteem. It helps one to strengthen their inner will power and focus towards working on and achieving their ambitions and dreams.

When working with Brucite, you can use the affirmation: I am confident and empowered to take step-by-step actions toward on achieving my dreams now.