Fluorite Polished – Mental Enhancement and Clarity 8.42 grams 36x12x8mm

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Crystal: Fluorite Polished – Mental Enhancement and Clarity

Description: Fluorite is a stone of mental enhancement and clarity. It is perfect for carrying or putting on one’s desk where work is done.

Locality of crystal: Kandahar, Afghanistan

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Fluorite is a calcium fluoride crystal with a mohs hardness of 4. It comes in a range of colours including green, blue, purple, yellow, white, red, pink and black.  These Fluorite are high quality polished crystals from Afghanistan with a nice translucent blue colour.

It is a stone of mental enhancement and clarity. Fluorite helps one with organising thoughts, thinking more clearly, improving concentration and clearing away confusion. It can assist with learning, studying, decision making, planning and taking steps towards achieving one’s plans.

Fluorite pairs well with tektites such as Moldavite for having the mental clarity to work through the opportunities and challenges along the journey of transformation.

When working with Fluorite, you can use the affirmation: My mind and heart are working in perfect harmony, they are activated, connected and clear. I have the clarity to make the best choices to support my learning, decision making, personal projects, and my highest purpose.


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