Gebel Kamil Meteorite – Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini Activation 20.48grams 29x23x14mm

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Crystal: Gebel Kamil Meteorite

Locality of crystal: Gilf Kebir region, Eastern Sahara, Egypt

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Gebel Kamil Meteorite

Gebel Kamil is a meteorite that struck Egypt around 5000 years ago forming the Kamil impact crater and is surrounded by pieces of iron meteorite shrapnel. It is classified as an Ataxite which is a nickel-iron meteorite that is mainly composed of nickel and mainly meteoric iron, a metal found in meteorites that consists of the mineral taenite, and with minor amounts of plessite, troilite, and microscopic lamellae of kamacite.

The meteorite vibrates with a high electrical energy that can activate the kundalini channel and aid in spiritual awakening. They resonate most with the third-eye and crown chakras. However their nickel-iron composition provides an anchor of grounding to handle the high energy.

Gebel Kamil Meteorite harmonises extremely well with Moldavite which supports and magnifies their transformational energies and cosmic connection.

When working with Gebel Kamil Meteorite, you can use the affirmation “My unwavering commitment to spiritual growth fuels the fires of my inner growth and awakening”


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