Libyan Desert Glass – A Grade – 8.92 grams 30x20x10mm

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Locality: Libyan desert, Libya


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Libyan Desert Glass is a stunning yellow and gold tektite that was created by a meteorite strike approximately 29 million years ago. It is only found in the Libyan desert in Libya and and Sahara desert in Egypt. The glass has a very high energy take will assist with confidence, mental focus, playfulness, curiosity and the realisation of your full potential.

It is a perfect combination with Moldavite to assist with the achievement of self-transformation and growth towards your highest calling.

Most Libyan Desert Glass have minor common nicks or chips of 1mm to 10mm in size associated with them from 29 million years of erosion, being in the ground and the mining process.
Libyan Desert Glass may have natural inclusions including lechatelierite, cristobalite, zircon, baddeleyite, rutile, staurolite, tourmaline, cordierite, and kyanite.


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