Moldavite Carving – Flower (Beauty and Appreciation) 1.15grams 16x10x6mm

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Moldavite Carving: Hand Carved Moldavite

Moldavite Location: Chlum, Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic

Certificate of Authenticity: This Moldavite product comes with our shop’s Certificate of Authenticity which is backed by our money back guarantee that the Moldavite is genuine. We source Moldavite from our trusted contacts in the Czech Republic.

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Moldavite is a unique and rare form of Tektite that was created by a meteorite strike around 14.8 million years ago. These beautiful tektites are among the most rare minerals on this Earth. They have very high vibrational energy to enhance ones spiritual evolution. They are known as the stone of transformation for their ability to speed up ones inner transformation, growth and evolution.

When working with Moldavite, you can use the affirmation: I am open to transformation at every level of my life. I fully embrace the manifestation of my highest purpose and destiny.