Natural Shell Pendant – Curled Feather

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Natural shell carving pendant of a curled feather with green adjustable cord.

Weight: 5.02grams

Pendant Length: 6cm

Length: at most 38cm at least 22cm

Metal: Brass

Material: Natural Shell

Locality: Indonesia

Note: Price in Australian dollars

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Natural Shell

Seashells have long been a symbol of life, death, and rebirth, that dates right back to Ancient Egyptian times.

Shells are the remnants of a life once lived and symbolize the journey a creature has gone through. When a shell is found on a beach, it is a reminder of the ‘shell’ that is left behind once the soul has left the body.

Seashells have long been connected with the divine feminine, particularly feminine beauty and fertility. They are said to represent the hidden beauty of womanhood and aid with the safe journey between the spiritual and physical world.

Shells are protective vessels that shield vulnerable mollusks from danger. They also contain the protective energy of the ocean. They are the perfect totems to carry around with you to provide confidence and aid you in finding your inner strength.



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