Rose Quartz Pendant – The Stone of Gentle Love 4.72 grams 28x10x9mm

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Pendant: Rose Quartz Pendant – The Stone of Gentle Love

Locality of crystal: Madagascar

Note: The sterling silver cap may have a tiny mark/tint from the creation process.

Complimentary Chain: All pendants come with a complimentary 45cm or 60cm chain. Please note what length you would like at checkout.

Note: Price in Australian dollars

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Rose Quartz is a member of the Quartz family with a mohs hardness of 7. It is named after its colour, which ranges from a pale to deep pink. The clarity also ranges from opaque to translucent.

Translucent or deeply coloured Rose Quartz are more powerful than those that are opaque or pale. These Rose Quartz are high quality translucent crystals with a lovely pink colour from Madagascar.

Rose Quartz is the Stone of Love. This is love for oneself, for one’s partner, family, friends, local community, Earth and Universe. It connects to the heart chakra and assists with the resolution of emotional issues related to the heart.

It pairs well with the power of tektites like Moldavite with a gentle and soothing energy that helps to soften the strong energy. Additionally, it helps to heal oneself and let go of old emotional programs during the process of transformation.

When working with Rose Quartz, you can use the affirmation: I am worthy of love. I open my heart to receive and give the energy of love.


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