Rutilated Quartz – Acceleration & Programmable 5.48 grams 39x10x8mm

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Pendant: Rutilated Quartz – Acceleration & Programmable

Locality of crystal: Balochistan, Pakistan

Note: The sterling silver cap may have a tiny mark/tint from the creation process.

Complimentary Chain: All pendants come with a complimentary 45cm or 60cm chain. Please note what length you would like at checkout.

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Rutilated Clear Quartz contain Rutile which look like needles running through the quartz. These are high quality Black Rutilated Quartz from Balochistan, Pakistan. Black Rutilated Quartz assists with absorbing and purifying negative energies as well as amplifying intentions.

It is a stone of acceleration and programming. Quartz is programmable and the Rutile acts as an accelerator and amplifier to magnify a programmed intention or the energy of another crystal.

It is a perfect match for tektites such as Moldavite as it harmonizes with the energy and can speed up the process of personal transformation. As well as helping one to leave anything that is no longer aligned to one’s highest good during the journey of transformation. These small polished points are perfect for using with Moldavite, creating crystal grids and for meditation.

When working with Rutilated Quartz, you can use the affirmation: My positive intentions magnified, accelerated and aligned to support my highest good.


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