Sunshine and Diamonds Ring – 5.01grams 13x19x7mm – Size 7 US

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Ring: Libyan Desert Glass with Diamond Quartz Ring

Metal: Sterling Silver, Ag 92.5%

Weight: 5.01 grams

Stone Dimensions (height x width x depth): Approx 13x19x7mm

Note: Price in Australian dollars

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Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass radiates the energy of the sun with its stunning yellow and gold colour. Libyan Desert Glass (also called Libyan Gold Tektite) was created by a meteorite strike approximately 29 million years ago. It is only found in the Libyan desert in Libya and and Sahara desert in Egypt.

Libyan Desert Glass connects with all our chakaras especially the solar plexus (3rd) and creative (2nd) chakara. Its energy helps to enhance the strength of a person’s will, ability to create and power to manifest.

Similar to other tektites like Moldavite and Darwinite, Libyan Desert Glass has a high energy although is much more gentle like warm sun rays than Moldavite’s powerful energy. It is a perfect combination with Moldavite to assist with the achievement of transformation and manifestation towards your highest calling.

Diamond Quartz

Diamond Quartz is a variety of hard, double-terminated quartz crystals. The most well known diamond quartz mine is in Herkimer, New York, the diamond quartz found here are nicknamed “Herkimer Diamonds”. The brand name of Herkimer Diamonds means the price is around three to four times more than other diamond quartz of similar quality. For example, 10 grams of top quality Herkimers would sell for $140-160 USD compared to 10 grams another top quality diamond quartz for $30-50 USD. These diamond quartz sold here are the highest quality found in Balochistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan. You could nickname them “Balochistan Diamonds”. They are around 7.5 hardness on the Mohs hardness scale scale so harder than normal quartz varieties and are considered the most powerful of all quartz crystals.

The properties and energy of Balochistan Diamonds is the same as Herkimer Diamonds. They can work to enhance the energy of Moldavite and other crystals. Diamond quartz are a perfect match with Moldavite which brings more conscious awareness to the growth process. The size of quartz diamonds is prefect to use in any crystal grids, body layouts, dream work, meditation, energy tools or jewellery.